Creating Makeshift Weapons

Because why the hell not?

Of course, if you’re going to engage war with a monster, you should have legitimate weapons (OF COURSE you don’t need it to be legal, you need it to be legit) but what if you don’t have hand guns? Or simply throwing knives? I’m happy to tell you that dying may be the best option you have.
But as a survival blogger, I’ll give you tips to create makeshift weapons (that’ll probably prolong your lifespan for a week or less). I suggest the five best makeshift weapons you can make DIY.

  1. PVC Pipe Compound Bow

    You want to find the next coolest thing after guns to add in your arsenal? What could be the cooler than a bow?! Bows can be flexible, and it can shoot in long range (and you most likely need to be acquainted with one before the apocalypse). It’s fast and slices through flesh in one clean shot and will most probably splatter the brain of the Undead at an encounter (ick!) but other than that? You’re peachy!screen-shot-2014-03-10-at-8-37-58-am

  2. Stun Grenade

    Right now you might be considering making a bow, but what if the apocalypse is nearing faster than we expected? And you’re feeling lazy to make a bow anyways (admit it, you’re guilty of being lazy in too many life threatening events). So lo and behold! A stun grenade that will stun another humans! Why would you stun another human you ask? Ah, because maybe they are assholes? So as a suggestion, do not throw this at you favorite human

  3. Heavy Duty Slingshot

    Uh-uh, you don’t have materials for a PVC pipe bow? And even for a stun grenade?! Where the hell do you live anyway?!

    If you don’t have the right materials to make weapons listed above, this weapon is the best for you. A slingshot! This type of petty weapon is the kind that you won’t even know may save your life one day. Made from simple materials to cope up with your laziness and your sense of DIY-ness, slingshots will possibly be your bestfriend. So you’re creating a slingshot now? Why not create a heavy duty one? Go beyond things to improve! Strive for greatness! (or not)


  4. Throwing Spike

    As a person who makes backup plans, you would possibly need concealed weapons. You’ve run out of ammo? Backup plan! No more bows? Backup plan! Out of shots? Backup plan! Going to die? Backup run!

    Anime might be the next best thing after chocolate, and there is an anime about ninjas called Naruto that feature the use of pointy objects that is thrown at the enemy. It is called shuriken and a DIY shuriken should mend your gaping space at your list for plan B.


  5. War Hammer


    Thor, a Norse god featured in Marvel comics has a powerful hammer. Obviously we’re not replicating his hammer, we are creating a bad-ass one (for mortals anyway). Except for the reason that giant hammers make you look powerful, it can also support people who have great power and strength. Why use a bow and stun grenade when you can lift a ton?



So that concludes my Top 5 DIY Weapons for the Undead Apocalypse but so long as you’re not an idiot ( because what is the use of cool weapons when you don’t know shit), you’ll probably live long.

P.S. We remind you that these weapons are not only for zombies, it can also be used for other species that is trying to break your neck or stab your heart.

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